Traditional Funeral Services
Families often mark relevant changes in their lives with elaborate ceremonies, such as graduation, weddings and baptisms. A funeral service is a time to reflect on the past while looking toward the future, and to celebrate our loved ones’ lives and reflect upon their accomplishments. A service at a church or in the chapel of Parker – Reedy Funeral Home would be followed by burial in a cemetery. A time for fellowship, viewing and visitation are key elements of this type of service. Musical selections, musicians and a Minister or speaker are all variable aspects for this type of service.Because we are a locally-owned firm, we know the community well enough to understand the importance of quality of service and costs. We want the people we deal with to be comfortable with their decision.

A traditional Funeral service includes the following services:

– Professional services of funeral director and staff.

– Embalming and other care of the body to allow viewing.

– Visitation and funeral service conducted at the Funeral Home or in your church or facility.

– Removal from place of death.

– Hearse and car provided at funeral.

– Filing of permits and documentation.

– All transportation within a 50-mile radius of West Frankfort.

– Casket selection.

– Service folders with register book and acknowledgement cards.

There are some outside charges that a family usually incurs related to the funeral service. These include certified copies of the death certificate, obituary notice, clergy and musician honorarium,  flowers, cemetery expenses and vault.

Cremation Services
Today, many people are considering cremation as an alternative to the traditional Funeral service. The planning of a cremation comes down to a matter of personal choice. You can choose from having a casket service with a public viewing followed by a cremation, a cremation followed by a memorial service held at your church or at the funeral home or direct cremation with no service.

Following the cremation process, families may choose to inter the cremated remains at a cemetery, scatter the cremated remains, keep them in their home or any combination of these options. 
The following are the choices of cremation services:

Traditional Funeral Service with Cremation – Consists of a traditional funeral service including embalming, preparation of the body, professional services of the funeral director, cremation casket, visitation, funeral service at the funeral home or church and the cremation process. These services are similar to those of a traditional service with the exception that following the funeral service, (The casket is taken to the crematory and not the cemetery.)

Cremation with a Memorial Service – Consists of the removal of the body from the place of death, the professional service of the funeral director, the cremation process and a memorial service held at the funeral home or church. (Purchase of a casket is not required for this service)

Direct Cremation – Consists of the removal of the body from the place of death, the professional service of the funeral director and the cremation process. There are no services. (Purchase of a casket is not required for this service)